History of Jigsaw Puzzles: How Did It All Begin?

Jigsaw History Concept

If you’ve been a puzzle fan for a while, you might have grown more interested in the history of jigsaw puzzles. Right? Well, I did too. I researched and researched.. and then wrote this little piece on jigsaw history that I hope you’ll enjoy. We’ll look into who invented jigsaw puzzles and everything that followed. … Read more

Are Jigsaw Puzzles a Waste of Time?

Jigsaw puzzle pieces and a magnifier

The higher the puzzle piece count and the more challenging motif, and you might start wondering whether jigsaw puzzles are a waste of time. Trust me, I’ve been there too, and I love puzzles. The answer to the question is a clear no. Don’t worry, I’ll elaborate on the why’s. To keep things as objective … Read more

Puzzle Strategy: How to Do a Jigsaw Puzzle

Puzzle pieces with text overlay "Puzzle Strategy"

Whether the jigsaw puzzle in front of you is your first one or you have a few under your belt already, having a specific puzzle strategy can ease the puzzling process and prevent frustration. There are a few different approaches on how to do a jigsaw puzzle, and we’ll cover most of them below, but … Read more