Hello and welcome to my little blog, I’m glad you’re here!

I’m Veronika, a 30-something who loves jigsaw puzzles. The offline kind. 🧩

My love of puzzles started at a young age. Wooden blocks with pictures on all sides were my first ones. You could even build towers with those. 😊

At the age of eight, I assembled my first 1500 pcs puzzle, featuring a dog (I love dogs!) and a chicken. My father would sometimes come to join me in puzzling after work, just squatting down and helping with the tough parts like the sky.

The finished (and amateurly glued) puzzle hangs on the wall of the kids’ room at my parents’ apartment to this day. I’ve wanted to take it down but never had the heart to actually do it. You can see a photo in my new post on dog jigsaw puzzles.

I forgot about puzzles during my teenage and university years. I just had so many other things to do and it was the age when I’d rather hang out with friends. All time spent alone, especially in the university times, was left to studying. I studied abroad for a few years, so the conditions for solving puzzles were never ideal. Imagine doing so in a messy dorm!

In the last decade, my puzzle affinity has come back in full strength. I just love the process. It feels so fulfilling to make the individual puzzle pieces click together and create a beautiful picture.

Nowadays I prefer landscapes as it goes well with my love of travelling.

On this little website I’ll write about all things puzzle solving and hope you’ll enjoy reading! If you have any suggestion or a question, please do reach out – you can find my email on the contact page.

Veronika 🧩

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